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I like to hear from you

I like to hear from you if you are a Jolink or related to one.

I can help you with information about your ancestors. I can probably provide you with an overview of several generations of ancestors. I can also post announcements on the Family Notices page for you.

I love to receive me your birth cards, engagement notices, marriage cards, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and so on at my snail mail address.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with additions, corrections or questions.

Contact Information


snail mail

T. Jolink
Sumatrastraat 213
℡: +31-71 - 5 231 514



I do not use ICQ often. It is best to email me at my regular email address.

linking to the Jolink Genealogy

You do not need permission to link to the Jolink Genealogy site, but you should use the domain name, for your link remains valid in case I change web host. You can cut & paste the following XHTML into your web page:

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