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Johan Jolink

Australia Johan Jolink, born 28 Nov 1921 in Zwolle, Overijssel, Netherlands, arrived in Sydney on the ship Johan van Oldenbarnevelt on 16 Apr 1955, died 28 Feb 1994 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
  1. married to Lucia Margaretha Pieternella Terwiel. Living.


two Jolink families

Two Jolink families emigrated to Canada. One is the family of Pelgrom Carol Jolink & Margaretha Theodora Staal. The other is the family of Herman Eduard Jolink & Hendrika Jansen. One of his sisters, Harmina Everdina Jolink, married Herman Hoogkamp, emigrated to Canada too.


Canada Pelgrom Carol “Pel” Jolink, living.
  1. married to Margaretha Theodora Staal, living.


Canada Herman Eduard Jolink, living.
  1. married to Hendrika Jansen, living.

Canada Herman Hoogkamp, died 16 Dec 1987 in London, Ontario, Canada.
  1. married 8 May 1942 to Harmina Everdina Jolink, born 11 Sep 1917, Hummelo en Keppel, Gelderland, Netherlands, died 19 Jan 1988; daughter of Hendrik Herman Jolink & Everdina Klaassen.


Henk Jolink

After travelling back and forth for years, Henk Jolink emigrated to Croatia in late 1995, to live there with his second wife. His Photos of his family and some of the things he builds are on his personal homepage, information about his company on Burton Car Hrvatska.

Genealogical details published by permission.

Croatia Hendrik Bernard “Henk” Jolink, born 9 Mar 1942 in Hummelo en Keppel, Gelderland, Netherlands.
  1. married to and divorced from Johanna Willemina Jolink. Living.
  2. married 10 Mar 1984 in Zagreb to Dunja Marušić, born 24 Aug 1948 in Omis, Dalmacija, Croatia; daughter of Bozidar Marušić & Marija Kekez.

South Africa

South Africa Jan Jolink, born 22 Feb 1909 in Velp, Gelderland, Netherlands, died 22 Jul 1972 in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  1. married to Louise Willy van Werkhoven
  2. married to Alister ...

Roland Jolink runs the Blackheath Lodge in Cape Town, South Africa together with Rick Meyer.

For information about the Blackheath Lodge, visit the Blackheath Lodge website.

South Africa Roland Jolink, living.

New Zealand

The family Tesselaar-Jolink moved to New Zealand. They maintain a family website full of photos.

New Zealand Alexander Nicolaas Tesselaar, living.
  1. married to Linda Jolink. Living.
    1. Max Tesselaar, living.
    2. Julia Tesselaar, living.
    3. Suzanne Tesselaar, living.


Switzerland Roman Stadler, living.
  1. married to Astrid Jolink, living.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Berend Wiltje Huisman, living.
  1. married to Janet Louise Jolink. Living.

United States of America

Several Jolink emigrated to the United States of America, but not all Jolink in the U.S.A. descend from a Jolink. One group of Jolink in the U.S.A. descends from a Joling.

A large group of Jolink descends from Derk Jan Jolink & Hillegonda Arends. Both were born in the Netherlands, emigrated to the U.S.A. and died there.

Both immigrated through Ellis Island. They did so independently of each other. They married in the United States of America. They got five children, and all married, often but not always with partners of Dutch descent.

United States of America Derk Jan Jolink, born 10 Feb 1886 in Zutphen, arrived on Ellis Island on 11 Mar 1911, died about Sep 1969 in Edgerton; son of Hendrik Jan Jolink & Wilhelmina Lankhorst.
  1. married on 5 Feb 1913 in Edgerton to Hillegonda Arends, born 5 Apr 1890 in Almelo, arrived on Ellis Island on 8 Jan 1915, died 18 or 19 Jul 1951 in Edgerton; daughter of Albert Arends & Grietje Dam.
    1. f. Wilhelmina Jolink, born about 1912, died about 1981.
      1. married to Henry Huisken
    2. m. Henry John “John” Jolink, born 16 Oct 1915 in Edgerton, died 16 May 1965 in ..., Comanche, Texas
      1. married about Feb 1944 to Christine Elisabeth “Betty” McLemore. Living.
    3. f. Margaret A. “Martha” Jolink, born about Dec 1919
      1. married to Fred VanderStoep
    4. m. Albert Jolink, born about 1912
      1. married to Alice .... born about 1921
    5. m. Derk Jan Jolink, born 27 Nov 1925 in Edgerton, died 1 Feb 2003 in Mesa, Maricopa, Arizona, buried 5 Feb 2003 in DeMotte, Jasper, Indiana
      1. married 19 Jul 1950 in Platte, Charles Mix, South Dakota to Adeline Nijdam. Living.

Reinder Jans Joling

Reinder Jans Joling emigrated to the United States of America when he was eight years old. He arrived from Rotterdam in New York on 8 Nov 1881. The Castle Garden transcription list his name as Beinder Joling; the ‘B’ instead of ‘B’ is a typical transcription error.

Reinder arrived together with his parents and older sister. The family's origin is listed as Germany. This is correct. Reinder Jans Joling and his siblings were born in the Netherlands, but their parents were born in Germany.

Reinder Joling's descendants know him as Frank Jolink.

The family members that arrived on 8 Nov 1881 are

The family had more children. Some had died young. The three oldest, all girls, were all already married. The family of the oldest, Neef-Joling stayed in the Netherlands. Velting-Joling, the family of the second-oldest, immigrated independently. Dutch archives are sparse on details about Luchies-Joling, the family of the third daugther, perhaps they immigrated too.

United States of America Reinder Jans Joling, a.k.a. Frank Jolink, born 26 Apr 1873 in Vastenow, Emmen, Drenthe, Netherlands, arrived, eight years old, in New York on 8 Nov 1881, died 19 Nov 1952; son of Jan Daniels Joling & Jantien Rabbers
  1. married 15 Oct 1900 in Fremont, Newaygo, Michigan to Betty Boerman, born 10 May 1882 in ..., Ottawa, Michigan
    1. f. Jennie Jolink, born 27 May 1901 in Fremont, died 11 Oct 1977.
      1. married 29 Jun 1927 to John Ulrich
    2. f. Fannie Jolink, born 15 Mar 1903 in Fremont, died 24 Aug 1908.
    3. f. Johanna Jolink, born 29 Jun 1905 in Fremont, died 25 Jul 1990.
      1. married 24 Jun 1927 to John Zylman
    4. m. Klaus Jolink, born 16 Dec 1906 in Fremont, died 17 Apr 1931.
    5. f. Fannie Jolink, born 31 Dec 1908 in Fremont.
      1. married 17 Dec 1930 to John Paul
    6. f. Trena Jolink, born 29 Mar 1910 in Fremont, died 14 Nov 1984 in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan.
      1. married 2 Apr 1936 in Grand Rapids to James Douglas McKinlay, born 5 Nov 1903 in Ashland, Newaygo, Michigan, died 1 Jan 1982 in Fremont; son of James Walter McKinlay & Orietta A. Douglas.
    7. m. Henry Jolink, born 11 Sep 1911 in Fremont, died 26 Feb 1999 in in Fremont
      1. married 22 Jun 1940 to Susie Meeuwenberg, born 3 Aug 1919 in Fremont, died.
      2. married 12 Apr 1977 to Josephine VanDyke
    8. f. Dora Jolink, born 22 Sep 1914 in Fremont, died 25 Nov 1992 in ..., Newaygo, Michigan.
      1. married 26 Oct 1935 in Fremont to Clarence R. Buitendorp, born 26 Jan 1912 in Garfield, Newaygo, Michigan, died 20 Feb 1981 in Muskegon, Muskegon, Michigan; son of Marten Lourens Buitendorp & Gesena Foppen.
    9. f. Dian Jolink, born 22 Sep 1914
      1. married 5 Nov 1937in Fremont to Harold Bates. Living.
    10. f. June Jolink, born 3 Apr 1916 in Fremont, died 21 Jun 2003 in Fremont.
      1. married 10 Nov 1934 to Willis Lucas, died 21 Feb 1987 in Fremont.
    11. m. James Jolink, born 21 Feb 1920 in Fremont, died 6 Feb 1999 in Zeeland, Ottawa, Michigan.
      1. married to Emma Mae Jones, born 27 Mar 1923, died 10 Apr 1987 in ..., Kent, Michigan.
      2. married to Esther Aldrink.
    12. f. Jessie Jolink, born 21 Feb 1920 in Fremont.
      1. married to Donald Jones.

Josef Jolinck

Castle Garden lists the immigration on 22 Oct 1884 of Josef Jolinck, aged 24 (ergo born about 1860), from Bohemia in Germany on the ship Rhaelia from Hamburg.

If you know more about him, please let me know.

United States of America Josef Jolinck, born about 1860 in Bohemia, arrived, age 24, in New York on 22 Oct 1884.