Frequently Asked Questions

Waarom is deze website in het Engels?

Jolink is een Nederlands naam, maar zoals de emigratie pagina laat zien, wonen de naamdragers niet enkel in Nederland en spreken ze niet allen Nederlands.

Why are parts of the site in Dutch?

Because these parts are original Dutch text. In time, the site may become bilingual.

When did you start this research?

I started the research late in 1999. After several years of research, I decided to create a website. The site went live on 2004 May 28.

Are Jolink and Joling related?

The introduction provides answers to the most common questions.

How large is your database?

Thousands of individuals, but size it not everything. The quality of the data varies and there are still hundreds of fragments with Jolink in them that are not connected with each other.

Where do you get all that information?

Research. I visit archives, I phone namesakes, I consult genealogical databases, I have contact with other researchers, I compare with related genealogies.

I have copies of many official records. For some years now, I keep this collection up to date with a subscription - a service of the Centraal Bureau voor Genealogy - to official records as they become available.

A lot can be found using regular or specialised search engines and indices. The Jolink links page is a collection of links to Jolink on the web.

How long will the research take?

Genealogical research never ends. It will take many years to match fragments up with each other and turn them into just a few trees, and try to verify it all against copies or transcriptions of the original records.

I am family. What can I do to help?

If I have not contacted you yet, please contact me to verify and complete the genealogical data. I will gladly provide you with an overview of your ancestors.

Are there any things you want?

You can help me by keeping me informed about births, deaths and marriages in the family. The easiest and at the same time the best way to do so is to snail mail me your birth cards, marriage cards, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and so on.

What about privacy?

I take privacy serious. What little information about living persons there is here, is either already public or was published with permission. You will generally see a reference to a book or another website. Please contact me if you believe I made a mistake in this matter.

How did you make this website?

Some general notes on the design of this website can be found on the technology page. The tech notes pages discusses several technical details.

Please link to my site.

I will gladly include a link to your site if it is by or about a Jolink, about a genealogy related to Jolink, if it is a Dutch One Name Research site, or when I consider it a site worth searching.

I do not link to other sites.

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