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Website for theJolinckhoeve, in Barchem. The Jolinckhoeve is a farm house built in 1449 and second farmhouse built in 1874. It is currently a modest vacation resort for small groups. The website offers several good pictures of this old Jolinck farm.

Jolink Chrysant homepage

Official homepage of the price-winning Bennie Jolink-Orinoco chrysanthemum, created by Kees van der Knaap, of Kwekerij Arendsduin.

An additional page, Het verhaal van de Bennie Jolink chrysant, describes the history of the Bennie Jolink-Orinoco chrysanthemum.

Biografisch Woordenboek van Nederland: Helena Theodora Rietberg

This biografy of Helena Theodora Rietberg mentions her World War II resistance friend Minnie Jolink.

Biografisch Woordenboek van Nederland: Johannes Hendrikus Aberson

Biografy of Johannes Hendrikus Aberson, child of Johannes Aberson & Aaltjen Jolink.

Eerste Voorster huwelijk buiten gemeentehuis gisteren voltrokken

A 2003 Dec 16 news item by Gerard Potijk of the regional newspaper De Stentor reports that the day before Luuk van de Beld & Ingrid van Marwijk were the first couple to get married in one of the new marriage locations in Voorst outside the municipial building, because they insisted on being married by Bernhard Jolink, whose late son Branko Jolink used to be Luuk's friend, and the city of Zwolle did not want an outside official performing the wedding in their Statenzaal.

Buurtvereniging SUID

Wim Pragt's website for Buurtvereniging SUID in Lichtenvoorde includes a picture of Gerry Jolink and the Winters-Dwars-Jolink house.

Bultrugspotting anno 1598

An extract from the journal of Heyndrick Derricksen Jolinck.

Mariska Jolink, riding Sidaula during the Prinsenstaddressuur 2002.

This is an Internet Archive link. The VWF site has an archive, but the links do not work.

Photo of Central Vermont Runner Georgia Jolink running in the 2003 Oct 5 Leafpeepers Half-Marathon.

PNC Wins Second & Third Place in ASME Design Competition

The Purdue University North Central “Two-Minute Rice” team, including Keith Jolink from DeMotte won third place in the 2003 American Society of Mechanical Engineers Regional Student Conference design competition.

This is an Internet Archive link. The Purdue University web site has an archive. A search of that archive does not find the story. It appears to find the photo, but does not show it.

Mark Jolink receives his certificate during the 2002 July 4 ceremony at the ID College in Alphen aan den Rijn.

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Jordi Jolink wint waterschapsprijs

Jordi Jolink, pupil of the Juliana school in Brummen, wins the waterschapsprijs 2003.

The original link into the Waterschap Veluwe's news archive ( has been invalidated.

Emails requesting the new link location of this archive item have not been answered.

Hermanus Times: Best results in school history

The 2004 matric class of 124 learners of the Hermanus High School in South Africa had a 100% pass rate and 20 A-aggregate achievers, including Sheila-Ann Jolink.

Holland America Line, The Noordam Passenger List, Saturday 1911-02-18

Dirk Jan Jolink, emigrant, listed just above the image at the bottom.

Grafzerk Jans Eefting & Maria Jonink

A photo of the Begraafplaats Bruchterweg in Hardenberg, made by the Historische Vereniging Hardenberg.

Maple Grove Cemetery

Several Jolink are buried at the Maple Grove Cemetery.

Fred Jolink

Fred Jolink, owner of

Home page of Dennie Jolink of The GrolschBusters.

music, song and dance


Normaal, a Dutch rock band with lead singer and text writer Bennie Jolink.


The official "Normaal" fan club web site provides a band biography, album discography, tour dates, photos and more.

Jovink & de Voederbietels

Jovink & de Voederbietels is a Dutch rockband started in 1992 by Gijs "Goliath" Jolink & Hendrik Jan "Cohen" Lovink. Jolink en de Voederbietels page for "Jovink en de Voederbietels" includes a brief band biography in addition to an overview of past and future festival appearances.

De Voederbietels

The official "Jovink en de Voederbietels" fan club web site provides a band biography, album discography, song lyrics, tourdates, photos, etcetera.


The Motorband is a Dutch rockband started in 1992. The Motorband consist of Bennie Jolink (of Normaal fame) and Gijs "Goliath" Jolink & Hendrik Jan "Cohen" Lovink (of Jovink & the Voederbietels fame).

All songs of the Motorband are about motorcycles, there are motors on stage, and the guitar solos are complemented by the sounds of running motors.

Nederlands Pop Instituut: Jovink en de Voederbietels (popgroep)

The Nederlands Pop Instituut (Dutch Pop Institute) page for "Jovink en de Voederbietels" provides a brief biography of the band.

Nederlands Pop Instituut: Normaal

The Nederlands Pop Instituut (Dutch Pop Institute) page for "Jovink en de Voederbietels" provides a brief biography of the band.

Wikipedia: Normaal (popgroep)

The Dutch Wikipedia page for "Normaal" provides a brief biography of the band.

Wikipedia: Jovink en de Voederbietels

The Dutch Wikipedia page for "Jovink en de Voederbietels" provides a brief biography of the band.

The Wikipedia page for "Bennie Jolink" provides a brief biography.

The Wikipedia page for "Gijs Jolink" provides a brief biography.

Boh Foi Toch

Some songs by Boh Foi Toch were recorded in the Normaal studio and written together with Jolink.


Hike is a rock band. In 2001, Hike still featured Daan Jolink on guitar.

Esther Hart: What a Difference a day Makes

The What a Difference a day makes CD for Unicef includes the song Smile by Esther Hart & Toots Tielemans and the song Angelina performed by Bennie Jolink.

Wikipedia: LINT

Some information on the LINT trains, including a picture of Syntus train no. 28, the "Bennie Jolink".

Het Pompwortellied

Het Pompwortellied, written by Herbert “Stekel” Jolink.

Website reorganised several times, text not on current website. This is an Internet Archive link.

Réunie Orkest Artillerie

The Réunie Orkest Artillerie ATK 1993 includes Willem Jan Jolink on bugle.

The GrolschBusters

The GrolschBusters is a Dutch punkrock band, with Herbert Jolink on Drums & backing vocals, and Dennie Jolink on accordion & keyboards.

Dweilorkest Bar Wah

Web site of theDweilorkest Bar Wah, with Henk Jolink on trumpet.

Nijmeegs Studentenorkest "Collegium Musicum Carolinum"

Christa Jolink, is a member of the Nijmeegs Studentorkest "Collegium Musicum Carolinum".

Canadian Celtic Choir's Wind in the Willows

Performance of Wind in the Willows featuring George Jolink as Toad.

Georgia Jolink is a soprano with BoboLinks, the premier co-ed a cappella group of Middlebury College in Vermont.

This is an Internet Archive link. Now that she is no longer a member, she can be found on the alumni page.

GRCT Summerstock 2002: Susan Jolink

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre Summerstock 2002 member Susan "Frieda" Jolink.

Toneelgroep Dapper: De Tondeldoos (2001-2002)

Idea and design of the fairy tale by Winnie Jolink.

Grand Rapids Civic Theatre 2002 / 2003: The Velveteen Rabbit

Susie Jolink, member of Grand Rapids Civic Theatre, played one of the Tin Soldiers in the 2002 / 2003 production The Velveteen Rabbit.

"Halte Varsseveld" by Johan Willem Breukelaar

The Oudheidkundige Werkgemeenschap A.D.W. has published Halte Varsseveld, a book by Johan Willem Breukelaar about the Ladies Jolink and the persons they kept in hiding during World. The first printing, presented on 2005 Apr 27, is a run of just thousand copies. The book is available through Boekhandel Rutgers while supplies last.

art & fashion

Janneke Jolink is one of the young artists participating in Changes 2005 event on 2005 Nov 19.Janneke Jolink plays electric guitar.

Joline Jolink @ CELINE

2005 Mar 3:Joline Jolink at CELINE during Paris / Anarchy Project.

Archipel in Apeldoorn: Protection/Non-Protection

The Archipel in Apeldoorn is hosting the exposition "Protection/Non-Protection" to commemorate 50 years of fashion school in Arnhem. The exposition, from 2004-07-03 till 2004-08-01 showcases work of four designers, including Joline Jolink.

This is an Internet Archive link. The illustrations are missing, scroll down for the text.

Joline Jolink home page.

ITS Talent page for Joline Jolink, fashion designer.

Internet Archive link.

Dutch Fashion Foundation: Joline Jolink

Joline Jolink is one of the designers with the Dutch Fashion Foundation showing her work in So Dutch Fashion, the Dutch Fashion Foundation's showroom.


The website of graffiti artists Frederik "Fred" Jolink & Iwan Veneman from Almelo.

Web page about artist René Jolink.

NL: Contemporary Art from the Netherlands

NL: Contemporary Art from the Netherlands is a book by NAi Publishers featuring works by René Jolink.

This is an Internet Archive link.

NL: Hedendaagse Nederlandse Kunst

NL: Hedendaagse Nederlandse Kunst is a book by NAi Publishers featuring works by René Jolink.

This is an Internet Archive link.

Paintings by Atelier Bubastis 2006 art class student Gerda Jolink.

Central Elgin Collegiate Institute, Ontaria, Canada

Vice-Principal is G. Jolink.

interviews and profiles

An article from the fishing magazine "Beetblad" of 2000 June, about fishing with Bennie Jolink.

Brief interview with university mathematics student Christa Jolink.

The Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen: remove the interview. This is an Internet Archive link.

Olivet College, central Michigan student profiles for Katherine Roesch from Lake Orion, Joel Jolink from Grandville, McKinsey Golfin from Flint and Tonja Hewitt from Olivet.

These student profiles appeared in the 2003 Fall issue of Shipherd's Record, the Olivet College alumni and friends magazine. The 2003 Fall issue was the last issue to published on the web. Starting with the 2004 Spring issue, Shipherd's Record is published in Adobe PDF format. Soon after the change, previous issues were no longer available on the site.

This is an Internet Archive link.

Casper Jolink is a student at the Medical Faculty of the University of Groningen.

personal homepages

Linda, Sander, Max, Jul en Suus in NZ

Website of Sander Tesselaar, Linda Jolink and their children Max, Julia & Suzanne in New Zealand.

Website of Steven Buddingh & Kitty Jolink.

Home page of Heleen & Mariëtte Jolink, and their children Imre & Rens.

Mahtty Meyha Jolink <mahtty>

Blog space by Mahtty Meyha Jolink.

mahtty meyha jolink's Homepage

Blog space by Mahtty Meyha Jolink, born 1989 Jan 20, started on 2005 Aug 14.

Henk Jolink

Home page of Henk Jolink in Medulin in Croatia.

Thed Berg

Home page Thed Berg, owner of the domain.

Home page of Hendrik & Birgit Jolink, with their children Timo & Thorsten Jolink.

The web site moved from to Rabbit Mountain's, but the Jolink page is not available there

This is an Internet Archive link.

Personal website of Merlin Jolink.

Martin's index

Personal website of Martin Jonink

Dystonie, een wereldwijde aandoening.

Dutch website about dystonia by Henk Jonink

Coeverseplaatties: De Zusjes Jonink.

Herman Wessel's website about Coevorden features an old phot of the Johanna Willemina “Jo” Jonink & Gerritdina “Dina” Jonink from around 1916, and a portrait of their father, Hendrik Jonink.

Amateur photo club de Oude IJssel member page of Herman Jolink.


MistaJJ is the website of Jordi Jolink.

Kinderlines homepage of Jordi Jolink.

Hesperenstaat, the home of TSR Vidar in Tilburg, homepage for Ernst Jolink.

Hesperenstaat, the home of TSR Vidar in Tilburg, homepage for Alco Jolink.

Herman Jolink drag racing weblog

Web log of drag racer Herman Jolink.

European Drag Racing Database details for Herman Jolink.

De Homepage van Jet en Heleen

Old home page of Heleen & Mariëtte Jolink.

This is an Internet Archive link.

Steven Jolink

Old home page of Steven Jolink.

This is an Internet Archive link.

Personal home page of Arjen Jolink.

Open Directory Project profile page for Arjen Jolink, editor for the city of Hengelo, Gelderland.

Homebuilt Stabiliser Group profile page for Pascal Jolink.

Chaille's Homepage

Home page of Chaille Jolink.

De Jolink Hyve

Hyve for people called Jolink, started by S. E. A. "Steven" Jolink & A. J. M. "Ans" Jolink.

members and employees

Anke Jolink, Ph.D. student.

M. J. G. Jolink, lawyer specialised in Dutch family law.

Fred Jolink, chartered accountant.

Tatum Jolink, intermediate camper at Camp Nakawawa on 20xx June 15.

Willa Jolink, intermediate camper at Camp Nakawawa on 20xx June 15.

Stefan Jolink, member of Zuylensteyn scouting group, in 2002.

Voorstellen vijf nieuwe jeugdleden

2005 Feb photos of five new youth members of chess club Messemaker 1847, including Lennard Jonink.

Astrid Joolink is werkvoorbereider & tester in the Quality Management department of Lodder Applicaties B.V..

The portret gallery page has been removed. This is an Internet Archive link.

Profile of KNLTB member G. Jolink.

Burgemeester de Vlugt school, Amsterdam

Yvonne Jolink is a teacher at the Burgemeester de Vlugt school.


The Bontebrugschool is a primary school in Wisch. Many Jolink attended this school. Its current (2005) principal is Jan Jonink.

Gemeente Oude-IJsselstreek: Raadsleden PvdA

G. Jolink-Scheers is a member of the municipal council of ude-IJsselstreek for her political party Partij van de Arbeid.

Kristin Jolink is a first-grade teacher at Peach Plains Elementary public school in Grand Haven, Michigan, United States of America.

Joeke Kootstra and Daniëlle Jolink are youth reporters for the 2005 Dutch Liberation Festival in Overijssel.


Brinkheurne is a region within the town of Winterswijk. The website was created by Wilfred Leemkuil en Jürgen Jolink.

Simone Jolink-Kleine is a real estate agent and appraiser (makelaar-taxateur) with Postma Wonen & Leven in Deventer.

Dennie Jolink works at M & H Coerman in Terborg.


Bakkerij Van der Wal-Jolink is the bakery founded by my great-grandfather.

The construction company Bouwbedrijf Jolink is family business started in 1936, and passed on from founder Gerrit Jan Jolink, nicknamed Timmer Gaat to succeeding generations, and now run by his eponymous grandson. The company is specialised in restauration of traditional farms.

Kweekcentrum SpeedPigeons

Kweekcentrum SpeedPigeons is the pigeon breeding company of Marco Jolink in Wehl.

The pigeons of SpeedPigeons have a genealogy.

Signum B.V.

Signum B.V. is the company of Arno J. G. Jolink.

sportfysiotherapie Jolink en De Kat Angelino

Fysiotherapists Hans Jolink en Thomas de Kat Angelino, formerly Jolink en Van Gils fysiotherapie.

Bakkerij Sylvia Jolink is a travel counsellor.

Burton Car Hrvatska

Burton Car Hrvatska is the commercial web site of Henk Jolink in Croatia.

The Blackheath Lodge

The Blackheath Lodge is a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, run by Rick Meyer and Roland Jolink.

Greenwood Guides: Blackheath Lodge

The Blackheath Lodge is a hotel in Cape Town, South Africa, run by Rick Meyer and Roland Jolink.

Kennel Wunderschöns

Dog kennel and horse stable run by G. H. Jolink.

Pascal Jolink steadicam

Pascal Jolink steadicam services.


Commercial website of Carla Jolink, distributor of HerbaLife products.

Schoonheidssalon La Perle

Commercial website of Janneke Jolink's beauty parlour.

Schoonheidssalon Sense

Commercial website of Jetske Jonink's beauty parlour.

Dream Team Engineering

Commercial web site of Danny Jolink, management consultant.

Dion Jolink's personal web site, a Joomla blog.

Sparky Web Design

Sparky Web Design by Dion Jolink.

Marieke Jolink, graphical designer.

This is an Internet Archive link.