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Jolink Bakery Brummen 40 years
2008 Jul 18

Regional newspaper The Stentor reports on 40 years Jolink Bakery in Brummen.

De Stentor 2007-07-18: Hazelnoottaart trotseert de jaren

Internatiional Tracing Centre opens to Public
2007 Nov 28

More than sixty years after end of WWII, the archives of the International Tracing Centre, Arolsen will open up to academic researchers and the public. All countries sitting on the International Commission of the International Tracing Centre have ratified the decision to open up the archive.

The more than 26 kilometres of archive is accessible through a Central Name Index with more than 50 million reference cards for more than 17,5 million people. This index was digitised in 1998 and 1999.

It is now possible to file requests for information online. I have filed requests for infornation on the Ladies Jolink.

National Wooden Shoes Making Champion 2007
2007 Oct 13

Jurjen Jolink has become National Wooden Shoes Making Champion in the categories low shoes and children's shoes. He learned how to make wooden shoes from his late maternal grandfather Dorus Ruesink, who started his workshop sixty years ago. Jurjen uses the machines his grandfather bought. The company that made them is out of business, "because the machines never break down". Finished shoes are still painted with the motif that grandfather designed.

The wooden shoes workshop in Varsseveld is open on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

Joline Jolink in Goedemorgen Nederland
2007 Sep 17

Goedemorgen Nederland (Good Morning Netherlands) is a morning show of the Dutch national TV station KRO .

Host Mirella van Markus interviews Joline Jolink about her fashion show in New York and gets up to show what she is wearing.

Goedemorgen Nederland video archive 2007-09-17

Zwarte Cross 2007
2007 Jul 27

Zwarte Cross 2007 The Zwarte Cross 2007 is three days of motorcross, music, party, beer, dance and drinks.

Jovink en de Voederbietels will be playing each day and open the festival, to be followed by British top-act Status Quo. The more than hundred acts that will appear include famous Dutch names like Within Temptation, Di-Rect, Krezip, Ilse de Lange and of course Normaal. There are bands from Belgium, England. Austria, Italy and Russia.

The Zwarte Cross 2007 has joined with national radio station 3FM to organise the Serious Talent award for up and coming rockbands, with airplay and a concert on the main stage for the winner.

All this happens around the famous motorcross, fifty professional who will ride three manches in competition for prize money and the golden helmet. There are no restrictions on the motors, it is a free for all with just one hard rule: first across the finish line wins.

Joline Jolink Spring & Summer Collection 2008: A Woman’s State of Mind
2007 Jul 26

Amsterdam International Fashion Week Joline Jolink's Spring & Summer 2008 collection at the Ansterdam International Fashion Week.

2007 Mar 25

Wikipedia Logo I just came across two entries for the Ladies Jolink in the Dutch Wikipedia. According to the Wikipedia, the Ladies Jolink are Frederika Wilhelmina Jolink and Hermina Jolink. This is wrong. The Ladies Jolink are Gerritdina Jolink & Hermina Jolink; Frederika Wilhelmina Jolink is a sister who died young. The current Wikipedia entry (2007-01-12) correctly notes that she died in 1918, yet goes on to describe her Second World War resistance activities. Amazingly, several authors edited the entry without noticing this contradiction.

I have contacted one of the authors and asked for correction.

Jovink's end is near
2007 Mar 09

Jovink en de voederbietels The rockband Jovink has decided that their 2007 tour will be their last. Almost fifteen years of constant performing has left the band members in less than optimal health. Bass guitarist Gijs Jolink has decided to quit. Co-founder Henk Jan Lovink does not want to continue with another bassist, and decided to quit to. With the Jovink duo calling it quits, the Jovink era is about to end.

Jovink will finish the 2007 tour they just started. The 2007 Oct 1 concert in Laren, originally planned as the 15th anniversary celebration concert, will be their last as a touring rockband.

Jovink will continue to play at De Zwarte Cross.

On 2007 Mar 27, the RTL 4 TV show (4) in het land had a news item featuring a brief interview with the band and some fans: Jovink gooit het bijltje erbij neer.

Syntus 38: Jovink
2007 Mar 04

Syntus Syntus has named LINT-train no. 38 the Jovink en de Voederbietels. All Syntus trains are named after well-known persons and groups from the region; Syntus train no. 28 is the Bennie Jolink.

Opa Vertel Es
2007 Feb 16

Opa vertel es Released 2007-02-17: Opa, vertel es is a new album by Bennie Jolink, Roel Spanjers, Erik Spanjers & Gabriel Peeters. It isn't the first album Bennie Jolink made outside of Normaal; He released the solo album Howlin' at the Moon back in 1999.

Bennie Jolink appeared in the VARA TV show Paul & Witteman to promote the new album. Video streams of this performance are available on the Paul & Witteman website; 2007-02-15: Optreden Bennie Jolink.

2007 Feb 09

Boerenrock Bennie Jolink of Normaal has received the first copy of the book Boerenrock; Jovink, Normaal, de Achterhoek! by Gerard Menting en Marcel Hut.

Gerard Menting en Marcel Hut are both journalist for the daily newspaper De Gelderlander. They have have produced a richly illustrated book about Normaal, Jovink en de Voederbietels and other rockbands from the Achterhoek region; Boh Foi Toch, Hurricanes, Zwarte Cross, Spitfires, Oxx band, Jan Ottink, Jo Junk and the Hotdogs, Kas Bendjen, Dianne Marsman, Hanska duo, Kennèh, Haverkampband. There is not much text, but there are many photos.

Boerenrock; Jovink, Normaal, de Achterhoek!, ISBN 978 90 5897 606 2, 144 pp., 188 x 125 mm, full colour, Terra Lannoo, 2007.

Dutch Touch back in Paris
2007 Feb 01

Dutch Touch Paris 2007 The Dutch Fashion Foundation is back in Paris with the Dutch Touch campaign.

Four Dutch designers presented their collection at Atmosphere in the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles organised by Prêt à Porter Paris; Angelos Bratis, Mada van Gaans, Joline Jolink & Jan Taminiau.

On Monday 2007 Feb 5, all four featured designers were mentioned and shown on RTL Boulevard, a popular Dutch TV show. The TV show is not available on their website.

New Year 2007: site refresh
2007 Jan 07

The site has been refreshed. It took hard work throughout December to make this happen.

  • There are small changes to the layout.
  • There are still few bitmaps, but all bitmaps auto-resize with either the browser window or the font size.
  • There are additional Jolink Links, and they have all been sorted into several categories.
  • There are many more links to other One-Name Research studies.
  • All links have been checked and many have been updated, sometimes with links to the Internet Archive.
  • Many items have been given identifiers so you can link directly to those items instead of just the page.
Kerkconcert Hummelo
2006 Nov 14

Kerkconcert Hummelo Hummelo is one of those small places in the Achterhoek where many Jolink have their roots. Many Jolink and their ancestors were baptised or married in the historical village church.

Logo Kerkrestauratie Hummelo

The Hummelo village church is in need of restorations. As part of the activities to raise funds, local resident Bennie Jolink gave a church concert, together with Wim Smit, Stef Geurtzen en Inge te Boekhorst. The repertoire consisted of songs in English and local dialect.

The concert has been recorded, and the CD can be bought from the local Spar supermarket. You can also order the CD from the Normaal website.

2006 10 12

Joline Jolink Emily Hermans The Dutch Fashion Scene website frequently features interviews with fashion designers. This time, they have two fashion designers interviewing each other.

Emily Hermans interviews Joline Jolink and Joline Jolink interviews Emily Hermans: FS dubbelinterview: Emily Hermans en Joline Jolink.

Kees van der Knaap retires
2006 Oct 03

Bennie Jolink Chrysant Kees van der Knaap, the creator of the Bennie Jolink chrysant, retired today. Bennie Jolink was present to play a few Normaal songs together with Kees.

Dutch news item: Kees van der Knaap neemt samen met Bennie Jolink afscheid van het chrysantenvak.

Leontien van Moorsel opens new Jolink Bakery
2006 Sep 15

The new Jolink-van der Wal opened today, moving the store from Koninginnelaan 66 it occupied since 1910 to Konningelaan 50-52. Wheeler champion Leontien van Moorsel did the honours by taking owner Peter van der Wal in carrier cycle from the old to the new location.

Dutch news item in daily newspaper De Stentor: Leontien van Moorsel verhuist bakker.

Dutch new item on Elsevier Retail) food news: Leontien van Moorsel verhuist Van der Wal-Jolink naar nieuwe winkel.

Hier is Normaal
2006 Sep 22

Hier is Normaal Today rockband Normaal releases its 25th studio album. There are both old and new songs on this album. Hier is Normaal is a double CD; one CD with rough rock and one with quiet ballads, to showcase both sides of the band.

According to their press release, Hier is Normaal is the first Dutch climate-neutral CD. Even their tour is climate-neutral; all the energy needed for their performance is compensated by investments in durable energy projects in India.

Dutch Touch back in New York
2006 Sep 14

Dutch Touch New York 2006 As a follow-up to the Dutch Touch campaign of 2005, the Dutch Fashion Foundation is back in New York for the New York Fashion Week of 2006.

Angelos Bratis, Mada van Gaans, Bas Kosters & Joline Jolink show their collections for the Spring & Summer of 2007.

Dutch Touch New York 2006 is organised by the Dutch Fashion Foundation in cooperation with Gestalt Magazine and fashion photographer Ken Thurlbeck.

Frans Molenaar Prijs 2006
2006 Sep 14

The nominees for the Frans Molenaar prijs, in order of appearance: Joline Jolink, Mattijs van Bergen, Mieszko van Rijsewijk, Aleksandra Stojadinov, Claes Iversen, Dan Gonen, Antoine Peters & Elke Lutgerink.

The winner was Aleksandra Stojadinov.

Website TooStylish has video of Joline Jolink's show: Het water op met Jolink Jolink

Daan Jolink celebrates 12½ years with Pacelli
2006 May 25

Trainer Daan Jolink celebrated his 12½ years with handball club Pacelli. .

There are pictures of a small ceremony with Daan Jolink at Pacelli Photo page.

Bennie Jolink to receive Edison Oeuvre Award
2006 Feb 23

In the TV program De Wereld draait door (The World turns on) presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk surprised front man Bennie Jolink, his wife, and the rest of the Dutch pop group Normaal by revealing that they will receive this year's Edison Oeuvre Award for their entire oeuvre. The award will be handed out during the Edison Music Awards.

The entire 2006-02-23 broadcast of De Wereld draait door is available as a video stream (45 min): Other guests are
  • Belgian actress Hadewijch Minis comments on the Dutch movie Bolletjesblues about her appearance in the play "Opening Night" after the 1977 John Cassavetes movie of the same name
  • Rijksmuseum conservator Taco Dibbits about the Rembrand Carravagio exhibition of Rembrandt and Caravaggio paintings
  • Thon Fikkerman, city guide for Haarlem in the pre-recorded item Jakhalzen about the myth of an underground system of corridors below the city of Haarlem
  • Lucas Hulsebos, president of the Dagbladgoud jury for the best daily paper commercial, to talk about the difference between the professional jury and public selections
  • Jeroen van Koningsbrugge, best known for his role as Citroën salesman Dennis van der Ven, and Horace Cohen about their “improvisation theatre” TV program Kannibalen
  • International football trainer Guus Hiddink with some comments about Bennie Jolink's music
2005 Dec 27

Bennie Jolink (not the rocker) developed the EZ-Hammer, a hammer for hard to reach places.

Sex, drugs and a shitpiano
2005 Nov 20

Sex, Drugs en een Shitpiano Sex, drugs en een shitpiano (2006, Uitgeverij Bzztöh, ISBN 90-453-0380-9, 160 pp) is a paperback by Jan Colijn about the rock ‘n’ roll scene in Dutch pop music scene.

Jan Colijn is a pop journalist with major Dutch news De Telegraaf who played bass guitar in various bands. Sex, drugs en een shitpiano is a collection of tall stories from interviews with many Dutch pop artist, including Ad Vandenberg Bert Heertink of Vandenberg, Tom Holkenberg also known as Junkie XL, and Barry Hay of the Golden Earring about the late Herman Brood.

It includes stories from Gijs Jolink of Jovink en de Voederbietels and Bennie Jolink of Normaal. Bennie Jolink's tall story is how he used to get musicians high with a line of pure white… chalk.

Jos Palm: Oerend Hard
2005 Nov 03

Oerend Hard Oerend Hard is a book by Jos Palm about the impossible lifestyle of Bennie Jolink, the front man of the Dutch rock band Normaal; how the 1977 hit song Oerend Hard catapulted the band to fame, about his collapse in 1996 and his return to the stage.

Oerend Hard, Jos Palm, Uitgeverij Contact, 2005, 269 pp, ISBN 90-254-2633-6.

Along with the book, Jos Palm created Een onmundig hoop kabaal, a two-part documentary about the early years of the band for Het Spoor terug (The Trail Back), a feature of the VPRO radio program OVT. The 2005 Nov 8 broadcast of the TV program Andere Tijden (Different Times) is about the early days of Normaal.

The VPRO website offers video and audio streams, but in Real format only.

Herman Jolink improves personal record
2005 Aug 31

Dragracer Herman Jolink has improved her personal record. Riding his Ducati 996RS dragbike, he clocked just 5.536 seconds during the eight final of the Euro Serie Super Twin Topgas in Drachten.

Van der Wal-Jolink claim rejected
2005 Jul 22

A claim for lost income compensation by bakery Van der Wal-Jolink in Epe against the town has been rejected. During April and May the bakery was almost impossible to reach for six weeks because of a broken up street. Despite an attractive 20% discount, considerably less clients bothered to visit the store. Manager Peter Glas decided to claim compensation, in particular because he was notified only a week in advance and had to place a sign to inform people that the store could still be reached. That claim has now been rejected, because the activities were traffic measures, a normal social development, the bakery could be reached, and he did not suffer out of proportion to others.

Dutch article in the local newspaper De Gelderlander: Claim bakkerij vruchteloos.

New location Jolink bakery Zutphen
2005 Jul 19

Baker Paul Jolink is moving the Jolink bakery in Zutphen. His father bought Bosgoed's bakery in the Beukerstraat some twelve years ago. On August 1, the store will move to the corner of the Beukerstraat and de Paardenwal.

Zutphen has quite a few, relatively small, bakeries. With 90 square metres, the new location is one the largest, but the assortment will remain limited to what Jolink does best: fresh confectionary. The Jolink bakery in Zutphen is more than a bakery. It also serves as a small café, where you can have a cup of coffee. The new location allows you to sit at the window looking into the town.

Dutch article in the local newspaper De Gelderlander: Bakkerij Jolink opent nieuw pand.

Cooling contracter Emondt has pictures: Foto's Banketbakerij Jolink in Zutphen.

Jolinckhoeve website
2005 Jun 01

Jolinckhoeve The Jolinkhoeve is a modest vacation resort in Barchem aimed at groups.

The Jolinckhoeve used to be a Jolinck farm. The main building was erected in 1449. A second building dates from 1874.

The current owners have put a web site describing the accommodations, complete with photo album; Jolinckhoeve.

Johan Willem Breukelaar presents Halte Varsseveld
2005 Apr 27

Halte Varsseveld Johan Willem Breukelaar presents the first print run of Halte Varsseveld, a book about the Ladies Jolink and the persons they kept in hiding during World War II. For this book, John Breukelaar tracked down many of the persons involved to get first hand accounts to complement the archive sources.

More about Ladies Jolink on the Ladies Jolink page.

Dutch article in the local newspaper De Gelderlander, 2005-04-08: Monument-boek voor vergeten onderduikers.

Geerhard Jan Jolink murdered
2004 Oct 31

The 54-years old Geerhard Jan Jolink, was murdered in the Kaponiestraat, in Doetinchem. He had left his home to walk the dog, and was later found by early morning joggers, the dog guarding over his lifeless body.

Geerhard Jan Jolink

2004 Aug 01

Today I discovered that all Jonink can be traced back to Hendrik Jolink and his second wife, Maria Nijlant. Hendrik Jolink was also known as Hendrik Jonink and all their children are named Jonink. Children from both his first wife, Aleida Sendink and his third wife, Everdina Rodenhof are named Jolink.

Research into the Jonink family had already been done by Henk Jonink, who had hit the proverbial brick wall. All his research has been integrated into the Jolink genealogy.

The Jonink are now part of the Jolink genealogy research, and the web site now includes Jonink links as part of the Jolink links.

An overview of Hendrik Jolink's family, with all children by all three wives, can be found on the new Jonink page.

Normaal wedding
2004 Jul 03

Today Rolf and Tessa Boomkamp marry today. Tessa Boomkamp is drummer with Normaal and Marco Borsate's band. While Bennie Jolink was singing, the bride herself took care of the drum solos.

Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem: MODE 50DE
2004 Jun 13

The Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem (Arnhem Museum for Modern Art) in Arnhem is hosting "MODE 50DE" to commemorate 50 years of fashion school in Arnhem. The exposition, from 2004 Jun 13 till 2004 Sep 19 includes designs by Joline Jolink.

All clothing and accessories in "De Boetiek" will be sold on the last days of the exposition, in the weekend of 2004 September 17, 18 and 19.

Jolink site tops Google search results
2004 Jun 01

Just a few days after submitting the site to Google, the Jolink site tops the Google search result for “Jolink”..

Jolink site goes live
2004 May 28

After several years of research into the Jolink genealogie, I decided to create a Jolink web site. The initial web site provides a notices board for family announcements, a sorted list of partner surnames, annotated links to related genealogy sites, links to other One Name Research studies, and a search page with many links to genealogical indexes and databases. This first version already included pages about Heyndrick Dirrecksen Jolinck and his description of the first Dutch landing on what they decided to call Mauritius.

To ensure maximum forward compatibility, The Jolink Site is one of the first web sites to be fully XHTML 1.1 compliant. More about technical choices on the technology page.