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Jalink, Joling, Jaling, Juling

Jalink genealogie

Jalink genealogie by Harriet Jane Jalink & Jos Jalink.

Homepage Jaap Jalink

Jalink in and around The Hague by Jaap Jalink.

Genealogie Geert Joling

Genealogy of Geert Joling, part of Genealogy Eelde, by Arend Arends.

Genealogie Joling (Elden)

Joling genealogy by Fernandus Hendrikus Boer.

Das Juling Portal

Juling, by Herbert Juling.

Genealogie Celle Hoebink

Genealogie Celle Hoebink, by Antoon Hoebink & Jozef Hoebink, starts with Harman Jolinck.

Website discontinued late 2006. This is an Internet Archive link.

Genealogie Jalink, by Werner Jalink. This is an Internet Archive Link.

Jolink in other genealogies

Descendants of Lodewijck Abreson (Aberson)

Genealogy Aberson by Rob Hubert, includes Johannes Aberson x Aaltjen Jolink, daughter of Garrit Jan Jolink x Hendrica Cornegoor and Hendrica Aberson x Hendrikus Jolink.

The web site is reorganised frequently. All links were valid when posted.

Genealogie van Willem Altena geb. Mensink

Genealogy Altena by J. H. A. "Hendrik" Kolhoop, includes Egbert Mensink x Jenneke Sanderman, daughter of Hendrik Sanderman x Berendina Jolink.

Genealogie van Arentsen in Varsseveld en Aalten en kwartierstaat van Johan Daniel Arentsen

Genealogy Arentsens by Johan Daniel Arentsen, includes Willemina Johanna Jolink x Dirk Willem Kreeftenberg, Jan H. Jolink x Elisa J. Nakken, and their daughter Eisa H. Jolink x Herman Johan Arentsen.

Genealogie Beeftink

Genealogy Beeftink by Hendrik Harmen "Rik" Beeftink, includes:

The Genealogie Beeftink was moved to in early 2004. The improved database now includes Jan Beeftink x Johanna Jolink, but the new website uses the less accessible phpGedView.

These are links into the Internet Archive.

Genealogie van de familie Beltman uit Oudleusen, Dalfsen

Genealogy Beltman by Gert Beltman, includes Hermannus Marsman x Hendrikje Jonink.

This site originally listed her name as Jovink instead of Jonink. That has been corrected.

Stamreeks Familie Bennink

Genealogy Bennink by Arjan Bennink, includes Jan Bennink x Harmina Hendrika Jolink.

Web site discontinued. These are Internet Archive links.

Berends Familielijn

Genealogy Berends by Jelle Beren, includes Willemina Jolink x Hendrik van der Kolk.

Van den Berg

Genealogy Van den Berg by A. Sietsma, includes Jurrien van den Berg x Gertrude van Dam, daughter of Gustav Mag Hugo van Dam x Wilhelmina Gerri Jolink.

The Bloemendal Family

Genealogy Bloemendal by Paul Coelingh, includes Wolter Bloemendal x Garritjen (Evers) Jolink, daughter of Evert Jolink x Garritjen Veldkamp and Jan Jolink x Hendrina Geertruida Tieltjes; Jan is a son of Hendrik Jan Jolink x Berendina Valk.


Genealogy Bobbink by R. Bobbink-Ubink, includes Hendrik Jan Mulderije (son of Floris Mulderije x Alberdina Jolink) x Janna Rossel.

Stamboom Boden

Genealogy Boden by Guus Boden, includes Teunis Jonker x Isabella Jolink.

Genealogie Boneschansker: Parenteel van Berent HINDRIKS

Genealogy Boneschansker by Gerrit Speek, includes Jan Boneschansker x Marrigje Zieleman, daughter of Christiaan Zieleman x Gerrigje Jolink.

Genealogie Bonhof en Bonhoff

Genealogy Bonhof by Ronn Boef, includes Henricus Everhardus Jolink x Hendrikjen Bonhof, he was a son of Martinus Jolink x Johanna Kraijenzang.

The site has moved to, but not all content is available there yet. Therefore, these are Internet Archive links.

Genealogie van Jan Lucas [Boven]

Genealogy Jan Lucas by Jan Frederik Boven, includes Martinus Hendrikus Jolink x Albertje Reints, Martinus is the son of Theodorus Jolink x Antonia Lammers.


Genealogy Brugman by Nico Brugman, includes Garrit Masselink x Margaretha Jolink.

Genealogie Bruchman, Brugman

Genealogy Brugman, Bruchman, Brugmans ,Bruggeman & Broich by Johannes Theodorus Brugman, includes Hendrick Brugman x Jenneken Joolink.

Stamboom Familie Carbaat 1686 -Heden

Genealogy Carbaat by Rene Carbaat, includes Jan Carbaat x (1) Geertruida Jeulink, x (2) Geertruida Jolink.

This is correct. Geertruida Jeulink and Geertruida Jolink are two different persons.

Genealogie Dieperink

Genealogy Dieperink by Jan Adriaan Diebrink, includes Albartus Dieperink x Johanna Carolina Meijer, daughter of Klaas Meijer x Janna Jolink.

This website is gone. These are Internet Archive links. The Haza-21 example database is a partial replacement.

Genealogie van de familienaam DUITSHOF, DUIJTSHOFF en DUYTSHOFF

Genealogy Duitshof by Gé Duitshof & Matthijs Duitshof includes Herman Duitshof x Berendina Antonia Jolink & Pieter Jan Duitshof x Wesselina Geertruida Jolink.

De afstammelingen met de familietoenaam Dullaert, Vermaes, Bianchi, Pieck, Hemken, Smink, Torn, Kwakkel en Van der Kooij

The Parenteel van Michiel Dullaert includes Mark Hendrikus Martinus Jansen x Gemma Jolink.

Genealogische website Eric van der Ent

Genealogy Van der Ent by Eric van der Ent, includes Martinus Plant & Elsken Melsbach, daughter of Johan Melsbach & Hendrika Jolink in the ancestry of Marlon van der Ent.

Genealogie Esveld

Genealogy Esveld by Albert Esveld, with more than 100.000 indviduals, includes many Jolink.

Genealogy Garvelink by Irene H.A. Gerverdinck, MD MPH, includes Margrieta Eeltink, daughter of Jan Eeltink x Engele Jolink.

Stamboom van de Nederlandse families Gase

Genealogy Gase & Van Stein by Ronald A. Gase, includes Gerrit Jan Gerritsen x Anneken Jolink.

Van de Geer in Veenendaal

Genealogy Van de Geer by Klaas Kramer, includes Gozewinus Martinus ("Guus") Jolink x Johanna van de Kaa, Guus was a son of Daniel Jolink x Theodora Beernink.

Site discontinued early 2007. This is an Internet Archive link.

Descendants of Harmen Gerrits GROBBEN

Genealogy Grobben by Jan Bakker, starts with Harmen Gerrits Grobben x Geeske Harmse Jolink.

Hans Groeneveld's genealogie pagina's

Genealogy Groeneveld by Hans Groeneveld.

When still hosted on, the database of over 22.000 individual included Hendrik Jolink x Gertruida Huisting and their children Christina Joolink, Theodorus Joling, Albertus Joling, Johanna Joling & Gradus Joling. They are not in the database selection of less than 17.000 individuals shown on the new site.

Genealogie Groot Enzerink

Genealogy Groot Enzerink by Wilma Groot Enzerink & Ruben Bolink, includes Jan Jolink x Garritjen Groot Enzerink and Berend Hendrikus Groot Enzerink (with photo) x Gardina Willemina Joolink.

Het Geslacht Grul

Genealogy Grul by Dirk J. Grul, includes Jannes de Jager x Gerharda Everdina Jolink, daughter of Theodorus Jolink x Antonia Lammers.

Roots in Friesland: A Halbesma Genealogy

Genealogy Halbesma by Ron de Ruyter, includes Petrus Hendrikus Jolink (son of Daniel Jolink x Trijntje van der Velden) x Jenny Nicolette Angenise van Loenen and their children Daniel Jolink, Nicolette Marina Jolink, Tjitske Jolink & Jenny Nicolette Angenise Jolink.

Web site discontinued. These are Internet Archive links.

Ancestors of Bertus Hallink & Evelien de Boer by Bertus Hallink, includes Antonij Jolink x Johanna Catharina Schuurman, and their daughter Grada Aleida Jolink x Johan Anton Herman Nijman.

Parenteel (ten Holte) van Hengel

Genealogy Van Hengel by Jan Arie van Hengel, includes Hendrik Willem Jolink x Willemina Kasselder; Hendrik Willem is a son of Jacobus Jolink x Hendrina Willemina Romp.

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Stamboomschema van Hendrik Herman Herberts

Ancestry of Hendrik Herman Herberts by Jan Herberts, includes Hans Reinirus Herberts x Gerhardina Everdina Jolink.

Stamboom van de familie Ides

Ancestry of B. Ides by B. Ides, includes Andries Campagne x Berendina Geertruij Jolink.

Katgerman & Katgert

Genealogy Katgerman by "Ike" Katnagel, includes Theodorus Jolink x Rika Katgerman (with photo).

Parenteel van Jan Knapen

Genealogy Knapen by Arjen Ronhaar, includes Gerrit Willem Knapen x Marrigje Jolink, daughter of Mannes Jolink x Berentdina Eversen.

De Kranen Stambomen; Stamboom Gendringen 2

Genealogy Kranen by J. H. Kranen, includes Arie Christiaan Jolink x Hendrika Aleida Gezina Kranen.

Website discontinued. These are Internet Archive links.


Genealogy Kolenbrander by Rob Kolenbrander, includes many Jolink.

Stamboom Langeler

Genealogy Langeler by Wilma Straver, includes

Not all individuals can be directly linked to.

Stamboom Familie de Leeuw

Genealogy De Leeuw by Andries de Leeuw, includes Marinus Johannes Jonink x Lutina de Leeuw.

This web site is no more. These are Internet Archive links.

Homepage Leurink

Genealogy Leurink by Dirk Leurink

Leurink in Eibergen includes Henderik Bomers x Jacomina Joolink and Gerrit Laerink x Maria Joolink.

Familie: Livestro Lievestro Livestroo Lievestroo...

Genealogy Livestro, Lievestro, Livestroo & Lievestroo by Immanuel Livestro, includes Johan Frederik Jolink x Hendrika Lievestro.

Stamboom Livestroo

Descendants of Teunis Lievestro, by Ben Livestro, includes

Loenen Genealogie

Genealogy Van Loenen & Van Loen by Peter van Loenen, includes Petrus Hendrikus Jolink x Jenny Nicolette Angenisse van Loenen.

Genealogie-pagina's families Lourens & Van Bochove

Genealogy Lourens & Van Bochove by Kees Lourens & Ria van Bochove, includes

  • Andries Wieggerink x Fenneken Jolink
  • Henrik Smeink x Maria Jolink
  • Antonij Gosselink x Maria Jolink
  • Frederick Wicherink x Teuntjen Jolink
Genealogie van Joannes Henricus MAN

Genealogy Man by André Idzinga, includes Willem Jolink x Florentina Adolphina Eleonara Man, and his father, Hermen Jolink and Johan Veneman x Dersken Jolink. .

Genealogie van Dirk (Dirksz) de Man

Genealogy De Man by A. de Haan, includes Jan de Man x Alberta Reinetta Jolink, daughter of Martinus Hendrikus Jolink x Albertje Reints.

Stamboom van de Familie Marsman

Genealogy De Man by Jouke de Vries, includes Jannes Marsman x Antonia de Ruiter, daughter of Jan de Ruiter x Janna Jolink.

This site originally listed her name as Jonink instead of Jokink. That has been corrected.

stamboomstie familie Matser

Matser, by Maarten Jacobus Matser, includes Henk Frederik Jolink x Jantje Matser.

Parenteel van Namme Jans

Genealogy Menger by Jacob Menger, includes Martinus Hendrikus Jolink x Ike Menger.

De familie Menkveld

Genealogy Menkveld by Albert Menkveld. Database with over than 20.000 names includes several Jolink families, mostly in the Warnsveld area.

Stamboom familie Meijberg

Genealogy Meijberg by John Meijberg & Wim Meijberg, includes Hendrik van der Kolk x Willemina Jolink.

Genealogie familie Meyerman

Genealogy Meyerman by Willem Meyerman, includes Derk Meijerman x Anna Antonia Camperman, daughter of Arie Antonie Camperman x Johanna Hendrika Jolink.

Genealogie Pagina de Moet

Ancestors of the children of Franciscus Johannes de Moet by Franciscus Johannes "Frans" de Moet, includes Jan Peters Lubberhuizen x Hermina Jolink, daughter of Jan Jolink x Grietje Loman. Jan Jolink is a child of Jan Jolink x Grietje Velthuijsen and their other children, Jan Jolink, Hendrik Jolink, Garrit Jolink, Geertruyd Jolink and Gerrit Jolink.


Genealogy Oostindië by Gerhard Oostindië, includes Marrigje Jolink x Gerrit Willem Knapen and their children Herman Knapen, Martent Gerrit Willem Knapen, Albertus Knapen, Berend Jan Knapen & Eduard Knapen.

Van Oudheusden Genealogie

Genealogy Van Oudheusden by Herma Gumpter-Van Oudheusden, includes Hendrik Jan Jolink x Barendina Pool, and their daughter Barendina Alyda Henriette Jolink x Willem van Oudheusden.

Radstaak Zelhemse tak

Genealogy Radstaak by Henny Radstaak, includes Harmen Radstake x Hendrika Jolink, daughter of Hendrik Jan Jolink x Hendrika Bosman and Petrus Johannes Radstake x Hermina Berendina Jolink, daughter of Johannes Hermanus Jolink x Grada Hendrika Wassink.

Genealogie Radstake, Fameen-A, "Zelhemse tak" (Joost Radstake en nakomelingen)

Genealogy Radstake by Hendrik Jan Radstake, includes Harmen Radstake x Hendrika Jolink, daughter of Hendrik Jan Jolink x Hendrika Bosman and Petrus Johannes Radstake x Hermina Berendina Jolink, daughter of Johannes Hermanus Jolink x Grada Hendrika Wassink.

Genealogie Radstake, Fameen-C, "Zelhemse tak" (Alof Radstake en nakomelingen)

Genealogy Radstake by Hendrik Jan Radstake, includes Hendrik Willem Radstake x Hendrika Jolink, daughter of Jan Hendrik Jolink x Derske Mijnen and Martin Jolink x Ineke Radstake.

Genealogy Reuselink by Robert S. Duggan, Jr., includes Johan Legters x Dora Jolink.

De familie Freriks - Reijers - Buil - Nederdael

Genealogy Reuselink by Lidy Reijers, includes Johanna Maria Jolink x Bernardus Hendrikus Berendsen and Catharina Jolink x Bernardus Johannes van Aalst.

Genealogie Rhebergen

Genealogy Rhebergen by George Rhebergen & Peter van de Poel, includes Arend Derk Jolink x Evertje Rhebergen.

Roenhorst Achterhoek

Genealogy Roenhorst by Pieter Kloosterman, includes Wim Jolink.

Genealogie Rossel generatie IV & V

Genealogy Rossel by Hans Aalderink, includes Evert Jan Jolink x Jenneke Rozel; Evert Jan is a son of Hendrik Jansen Jolink van Zelhem x Dersken Hendriks Karkhof.

Kwartierstaat van Bram Marijn, Hugo Rogier en Ariël Josine Rouwhorst

Ancestors of the children of Henk Zomer by Henk Zomer, includes Egbertus Johannes Karst x Berendina Johanna Jolink, daughter of Derk Jan Jolink x Grada Berendina Schel.

These are Internet Archive links.

Genealogie van Harmen Jansen Schieven

Genealogy of Harmen Jansen Schieven by Peter te Velde, includes Bernard Johan Schieven x Johanna Hendrika Minkhorst, daughter of Bernard Albertus Minkhorst x Everdina Jacoba Jolink.

Tobias SCHOLTEN Descendants

Descendants of Tobias Scholten by Robert S. Duggan, Jr., includes Johan Legters x Dora Jolink.

de genealogie van de families Siskens-van Heijst en Fröger-Siskens

Genealogy Siskens, Van Heijst & Fröger by C. A. M. Siskens, includes Willem Fröger x Aaltje Joolink.

Genealogie Speek: Parenteel van Hendrick Coenraetsz

Genealogy Speek by Gerrit Speek, includes Gerrit Jan Speek x Antonia Jolink, daughter of Mannes Jolink & Janna Westerveld.

This genealogy has been published as a privately issued book, Genealogie van een familie SPEEK. De nakomelingen van Hendriek Coenraetsz en Anneke Pieters, gehuwd op 31 oktober 1683. Zevenaar, by G. Speek, 1996.

Genealogie SLOOIJER

Genealogy Slooijer by Jannes Slooijer & Gerrit Jan Slooijer, includes Siena Slooijer x Berend Jan Knapen, son of Gerrit Willem Knapen x Marrigje Jolink.

Genealogie van Haico Terbeek

Ancestors of Haico Terbeek by Haico Terbeek, includes Everhardus Jolink x Derkje Terbeek, and their children; Hendrik Willem Jolink, Willemina Jolink & Anna Jolink - and Anna Jolink x Derk Jan Luimes. .

Ancestor of Johannes Hendrikus Reinirus Teunissen

Ancestors of Johannes Hendrikus Reinirus Teunissen by Johannes Hendrikus Reinirus Teunissen, includes Alijda Jolink x Wilhelmus Meijer.

Web site is inconsistent; the index does not match the tree.

Genealogie Uittien

Genealogy Uittien by K. Chr. Uittien, includes Teunis Jolink x Anna Elijsabeth Christiaans Uittien.

Parenteel Jan Willem Klaassen van der Vegt

Genealogy Van der Vegt by Arjan van der Vegt & Jack van der Vegt of the Stichting Families Vegt en Van der Vegt, includes Arie Jolink x Theodora van der Vegt and their children; Martinus Gerhard Jolink x D.J. Radstake and Gerhard Jolink x J.H. Weenink.

Genealogy Verwaaij(y)en

Genealogy Verwaaijen by Hank Verwaayen, includes Christiaan Hissink x Willy Jolink.

The research has been published as a book, Genealogie Verwa(a)ijen (ISBN 90-6455-147-2) in 1993 Otober in a private issue of 300 copies.

Stamboom van Kevin van Voorst

Ancestry Kevin van Voorst by Hendrik Jan van Voorst, includes Derk Jan Hilferink x Jenneken Jolink.

Van Voorthuijsen Genealogy

Genealogy Van Voorthuijsen by Paul van Voorthuijsen, includes Jolink in the surname index.

The site still exists, but those pages were deleted. These are Internet Archive links.


Genealogy Vreeken by Rob Hubert, includes Gerrit Vreeken x Grada Harmina Jolink.

De Vries

Genealogy De Vries by Hugo J.K. de Vries, includes Severien Jolink x Christina Jansen, and their children Severien Jolink, Berendina Jolink, Martinus Jolink, Daniël Jolink & Christina Jolink and Hendrik Jan Visser x Christina Jolink.

All links valid when posted.

Genealogy of the town Vriezenveen by André Idzinga, with a genealogy posted on GenCircles, includes Johan Venenman x Dersken Jolink, Willem Jolink x Florentina Adolphina Eleonara Man & Willem's father, Hermen Jolink (burgomaster of Almelo).

Wassink genealogie

Genealogy Wassink by Theo de Weerd.

Theo's own link to the Wassink genealogy ( does not work. The following are links into the Internet Archive.

Werkman & Schoolderman genealogie

Genealogy Werkman & Schoolderman by Dick Werkman, This database of over 40.000 individuals includes

Voorouders en nakomelingen van Lodevicus Hendrikus Johannes Wiggers (1876 - 1962)

Ancestors and descendants of Lodevicus Hendrikus Johannes Wiggers by Theodorus Ludovicus Hubertus “Theo” Wiggers, includes Gerrit Jolink x Johanna Catharina Wiggers.

Familienaam Van Wilpe

Genealogy Martin van Wilpe by Martin van Wilpe, includes Hendrikus Jolink x Hendrika Gerritdina van Wilpe.

Genealogy Wink by Stefan Elsinga, includes Christiaan te Kampe x Lammerdina Jolink.

The previous website allowed direct linking to individuals, the new web site does not provide that feature.

Genealogie Fam. Lammerts/Witlam

Genealogy Lammerts & Witlam by Dirk Jan Witlam, includes Derk Jan Jolink x Grada Berendina Schel and Johan Martin Witlam x Johanna Antonia Jolink.

Genealogy of de Wolff, Flavard de Wolff, Arendsen de Wolff, de Wulff, Werther and many others..

Genealogy De Wolff, Flavard de Wolff, Arendsen de Wolff & de Wulff by Daniel de Wolff, includes Willem de Wolff x Hendersken Jolinck, daughter of Evert Reiniersz Jolinck.

WOLSINK: Wolsink, Wolsing, Nijenhuis, Rosegaar, Zeeevalk(ing)(ink), Olde Wolsink

Genealogy Wolsink by Gerrit Rijsdorp, includes Willem Jolink x Willemijn Zeevalkink

No genealogical data has been available since the site moved from to The domain is no longer active and the old site is not in the Internet Archive.

Van Wolsink naar Zeevalkink

Genealogy Zeevalkink by Henry Wolsink, includes Willem Jolink x Willemina Zeevalkink, Willem was a son of Berend Jolink x Garritjen Zilvold.

Website discontinued. Internet Archive link.


Genealogy Zadelhoff by F.L.P. Kalse & Mark M.W. Kalse, includes Gustaaf Johan van Zadelhoff x Harmina Peternella Henriëtta Jolink, daughter of Garrit Jan Jolink & Harmina Johanna Brouwer.

Zwiebel & Selten family

Genealogy Zwiebel by Roeland Jan Zwiebel, includes


The site was moved from to in 2004. Links have been updated. The pages for the last two links has not been moved to the new site, and are not available in the Internet Archive.

Kwartierstaat van Henk-Jan, Addy & Jook [Zwiebel]

Ancestry of the children of Eric Zwiebel by Eric Zwiebel, includes Heinrich Zwiebel x Dine Jolink.