Search Links

General search engines

Some of these search engines offer paid inclusion or artificially boosted rankings for payment or return links, but they all offer free inclusion of URLs. Sites that do not offer free listing, but paid inclusion only have been banned from this list.

Naugthy "search engines" currently banned from inclusion in this list include

MSN Search does offer a possibility to submit your site, it just isn't very obvious. Follow their feedback link.


Search engine, famed for its clean layout and relevants results thanks to its PageRank algorithm, provides access to its cached paged.


New search engine, public beta in 2006. Claims to be the first meaning-based search, and prompts you to pose questions instead of enter keywords, like AskJeeves did. May offer surprising results.


Search engine by


Clusty is new name for vivisimo's search engine.


Search engine associated with the Internet Archive.

The Alexa toolbar spiders the web for inclusion in the Internet Archive by tracking the web sites you visit. Alexa offers a page to submit your website to Alexa without using the toolbar. Sites will be crawled within a few days, but may take between half and a whole year to show up in the Internet Archive.

MSN Search

Search engine. Well, kind of. Late in 2004, Microsoft made a lot of noise about the improved MSN Search, but if this is improved, it must have been unusable before. Relevance of search results to the search terms is low and the ranking of the presented results seems utterly random. Search results polluted with Overture “results”.

Not recommended. Now forwards to Live Search

Live Search

Introduced as a Beta site in 2006 March, is the successor to It includes a search box on the home page. That search box is called Live Search, but that is really just a new name for MSN Search. Live Search gives the same results as MSN Search, but the user interface is considerably more modern.

Sponsored links are no longer shown above search results, but next to the search results, just like Google. The search results seem to have improved over those MSN Search used to provide.


Search engine. Search results of this once great search engine had degraded and seemed as relevant as those of MSN Search; Irrelevant links full of commercial pop-ups near the top. Seems they they cleaned up their act.


Overture is a search engine with a strong emphasis on paid placement. As a consequence the quality of the search results varies from so-so to plain lousy commercial and pop-up infested dreck. Overture is partly responsible for the low relevance of search results from MSN Search and the less than stellar results returned by AltaVista and Yahoo! Search.

Actively avoid Overture and the search engines that use it. Keep complaining to those search engines about their use of Overture until they get the message and stop polluting their search result with irrelevant commercial links.


Yahoo! Search includes results from the famous Yahoo! Directory, but current (2004) results are tainted by ridiculously high placement of irrelevant paid links from Overture.

Not recommended.


AllTheWeb is essentially a front-end to Yahoo! Search, but AllTheWeb is owned by Overture, and irrelevant paid Overture links feature prominently. You are better of using Yahoo! Search directly.


Meta-search engine. Searches quality search engines like Google, but also relies on mediocre ones like AltaVista and MSN Search, and even directly on Overture. Thanks to the inclusion of some strong search engines, the overall results remain acceptable.

This search engine demands that you turn on JavaScript. Not recommended.

AOL Web Search

AOL's Search engine front-end. Results are based on the Open Directory Project and Google.


A paid inclusion but spam-free web directory.


A paid inclusion volunteer edited directory of family safe websites.


Australian search engine includes White Pages, Yellow Pages, City Search and more.


The original meta-search engine.


Meta-search engine.

InfoSpace Web Search

Meta-search engine.


Meta-search engine.


Meta-search engine.

Starting Point

Meta-search engine and directory.


Tricked-out "Web 2.0" meta-search engine.

Search Europe

Europeans earch engine.

French search engine.


Search engine that combines search results with user ratings.


Search engine with cache and direct Internet Archive Links.


Search engine. Search results ranking needs work.

Dutch search engines


Ilse is a major Dutch search engine. Includes many Dutch sites that international search engines do not, but their search results ranking could be improved. Sponsored links are shown in a separate section, above the real search results. is a major Dutch meta-search engine. Uses Google, Yahoo, Live Search, Ilse and Kobala.


Vindex is a major Dutch search engine. Sponsored links can be turned off. Poor search results ranking.


Kobala is a Dutch search engine. Small index, but used by


Track presents results from Kobala and the Open Directory Project. is a Dutch meta-search engine. Search results are clustered. Default setting includes only Dutch pages. Presents sponsored links as top search results.

Not recommended.


CultuurNet includes a genealogy section.

meta Eureka

Meta Eureka is a Dutch meta-search engine.


Region-specific directory for the Achterhoek region, that includes a Genealogy page.

genealogical search engines and indexes


Genealogical search engine and by GeneaNet.

Genealogical software and indexes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

UK Census 1901

The 1901 Census for England and Wales (not free).

Online Genealogical Database Index

links to genealogical databases searchable through the web.

Ancestry Connections

Ancestry Connections Surname Registry.


Searchable index to many world-wide genealogical resources.


Searchable index of genealogy web sites.

Kuijsten Surname Navigator

Searches through multiple international databases. Opens new browser windows.

The Genealogy Register

Searches through multiple international databases. Opens new browser windows.


Genealogy news portal.

Check out the archive of family pages from the Windmill Herald.

Easy Google Genealogy Searcher

A Google front-end with some pre-coded queries.


Links to many mostly American genealogical resources.

Search Whatever Australia

Contemporary Death Notices and Obituaries in Australian Newspapers.

The Ryerson Index

Australian genealogical search engine and directory.

Search engine with GedLink Agent support program to share GEDCOMs.

ABC Genealogy

Genealogical surname links directory.

Genealogy and Family History Internet Web Directory

Genealogical directory by V. Chris & Thomas M. Tinney, Sr.

Discovering Surnames

Genealogical directory by Ian Mold.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The "Debt of Honour Register" is the Commission's database listing the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars and the 23,000 cemeteries, memorials and other locations world-wide where they are commemorated.

genealogy hosting


GenCircles, the community-based genealogy site.


Searchable index and GEDCOM hosting.


OneGreatFamily is a commercial genealogy hosting service that bills itself as "the world's largest online family tree".


OneWorldTree is a commercial genealogy hosting service of Even the so-called Public Member Trees bring up a page demanding a subscription.

User-unfriendly interface demands JavaScript permission on multiple domains.

Dutch genealogy hosting is a Dutch site were people can place their genealogy online by uploading a GEDCOM file. This was the first Dutch genealogy hosting site, registered on 1999 Aug 3 and announced on 1999 Aug 15.

This site is maintained by Genealogische Computer Vereniging. They originally created and maintained it when they were still board members of the Afdeling Computergenealogie of the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging. When they became the Genealogische Computer Vereniging, they kept their domain.

You do not need to be a member of the Genealogische Computer Vereniging to use this site. is a Dutch site were people can place their genealogy online by uploading a GEDCOM file.

This site is the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging's continuation of the site, originally created and maintained by board members of their Afdeling Computergenealogie, which split of to become the Genealogische Computer Vereniging, and kept their domain. The Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging based the site on the original design, and until the 2007 Apr 25 redesign of, it was hard to tell them apart.

You do not need to be a member of the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging to use this site.

Uw digitale stamboom online.

Genealogie Online

Genealogie Online, formerly known as Genealogische Bronnen Online. Search results are hard to navigate. Adverts replaced by request for donations.


Gorigo is website by Ten Ants Webware B.V..

Just searching or viewing already requires registration.


Genview is an advertising-free paid-for genealogy hosting service based on the free PhpGedView program.


Genealand started as paid-for service, but is free now.

Dutch genealogical organisations - national

Centraal Bureau for Genealogie

The Centraal Bureau for Genealogie is the Dutch Central Bureau for Genealogy. The Centraal Bureau for Genealogie is often abbreviated to CBG.

The CBG maintains a searchable catalogue.

Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging

The Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging is the oldest Dutch Genealogical Society, founded 1946-05-13. The Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging is often abbreviated to NGV. The NGV runs a genealogy link exchange program and maintains a Contact Dienst.

Afdeling Computergenealogie van de Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging

The Computer Genealogy branch of the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging.

They created and maintain the GenealogyWeb and sites.

Genealogische Computer Vereniging

The Genealogische Computer Vereniging was started late in 2005 by the former board of the Afdeling Computergenealogie van de Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging. The GCV was officially founded on 2006 Jan 1. The society reached 500 members in 2006 Sep.

They created and maintain the site.

Indische Genealogische Vereniging

The Indische Genealogische Vereniging (Dutch Indies Genealogical Association) was founded on 1988 Juli 2 to support genealogical research relating to the Dutch Indies, the Carabian and South America. They publish the quarterly De Indische Navorscher.

Koninklijk Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde

The Koninklijk Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde is the Dutch Society for family and coats of arms. Koninklijk Genootschap voor Geslacht- en Wapenkunde is often abbreviated to KNGW. The society publishes the magazine De Nederlandsche Leeuw since 1883 and the first 100 years are available on CD-ROM. Their extensive genealogical collection is managed by the Centraal Bureau for Genealogie.

HCC Genealogie GG

The HCC Genealogie GG is the Genealogie User Group of the Dutch Hobby Computer Club. The Genealogie User Group was founded on 1986-12-13 and was originally called hcc!genealogie

Nederlandse Kring voor Joodse Genealogie

The Nederlandse Kring voor Joodse Genealogie (Netherlands Society for Jewish Genealogy) was founded in 1987. The society publishes the quarterly Misjpoge.

Stichting voor Surinaamse Genealogie

Stichting voor Surinaamse Genealogie is a foundation for genealogical research relating to Suriname.

Dutch genealogical organisations - regional

Oostgelderse Tijdschrift voor Genealogie en Boerderijonderzoek

The Oostgelderse Tijdschrift voor Genealogie en Boerderijonderzoek is a publication of the Oostgelderse Stichting voor Genealogie en Boerderijonderzoek.

The site offers a free sample issue of the magazine, some transcriptions and indexes, and includes links to many genealogies in the region.

This site requires Internet Explorer.

Veluwse Geslachten

The Society Veluwse Geslachten is a genealogical society for the Veluwe, an area towards the East of the Netherlands. It includes the municipalities Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Barneveld, Brummen, Ede, Elburg, Epe, Ermelo, Harderwijk, Hattem, Heerde, Hoevelaken, Nunspeet, Nijkerk, Oldebroek, Putten, Renkum, Rheden, Rozendaal, Scherpenzeel, Voorst & Wageningen. The Society publishes the eponymous magazine Veluwse Geslachten.

Ons Voorgeslacht

The Society Ons Voorgeslacht is a genealogical society for the province of Zuid-Holland, founded on 1946 Jan 19. The Society publishes the eponymous magazine Ons Voorgeslacht.

Dutch genealogical search engines and indexes

Centraal Bureau for Genealogie

The Centraal Bureau for Genealogie has its catalogue online.

GenealogieWeb Pagina's

Genealogical Search index maintained by the Afdeling Computergenealogie of the Nederlandse Genealogische Vereniging.

Contact Dienst

The Contact Dienst is a Contact Service offered by the Genealogische Computer Vereniging.


Genealogical Birth/Death/Marriage index for the Netherlands.


Genealogical Birth/Death/Marriage index for the province of Drenthe.

Historisch Centrum Overijssel

Genealogical Birth/Death/Marriage index for the province of Overijssel.

Genlias Monitor

Genlias Monitor is a service created by by Bob Coret that monitors additions to Genlias for you.

Digitale Stamboom Monitor

Digitale Stamboom Monitor is a service created by by Bob Coret that monitors additions to Digitale Stamboom sites maintained by several municipalities.


Guides, forum and searchable links.

Toegang Op Personen (TOP)

Toegang op Personen (Access to Persons) is a metasearch engine for official genealogical websites.


The Surname Website INdeX is a search index for Dutch family names, by Don Arnoldus. During 2005 Swinx stopped and resumed operation. is a Dutch full-search index for genealogy sites created by Gerrit Veldman of

Originally created for PhpGedView and PhpMyFamily-based websites. It supports the gendex.txt format. Popular Dutch programs like Aldfaer and Pro-Gen support gendex.txt.

Offers free search box for use on your own genealogy site.

Stamboom Gids

De Stamboom Gids is a search index for Dutch genealogical web sites, by Bob Coret

NedGen genealogische zoekmachine

Dutch genealogical search engine by Jan Paul ten Wolde used to be a good site, but in late 2004, search results consisted of nothing but commercial link spam.


Web site with links to many and varied Dutch genealogical resources.

kwartierstraat allows you to register your website.

Fries Historisch en Letterkunding Centrum

The Frisian Historic and Literary Centre.


Local history and genealogy of the municipality Ferwerderadeel in Friesland.

Gelderland Page

Useful portal site with information and links for genealogical research in Gelderland.

Genealogie in de Achterhoek

Digital genealogical data for towns and villages form the Achterhoek, a region of the province of Gelderland.

Texelse Genealogie

Genealogical information for the island Texel.

Noordhollandse Huwelijken

Marriages in Noord-Holland, one the Dutch provinces, without Amsterdam marriages, between 1811 and 1890. Web site by Gertie van Lienen-Visser & Ineke Smit.

Huwelijken in Limburg

Marriages in the province of Limburg, presented by Robert Croes.

GensData Sisis

Gensdata Sisis is a search engine into data files of the NGV Computergenealogie.

This service is no longer provided.

A replacement service is being tested: Bronnenbewerking Online.

Regional Archief Alkmaar

The regional archive for Alkmaar has on-line indexes to primary sources.

Genealogische fragmenten Alkmaar

Genealogical fragments for Alkmaar, more than 15.000 persons collected by Rob Gomes.

Afkortingenlijst van archiefinstellingen en -bewaarplaatsen

The closest you get to an official list of abbreviations for Dutch archives.

Streekarchivariaat Regio Achterhoek

The Streekarchivariaat Regio Achterhoek is a cooperation of municipial archive in the Achterhoek which already includes Aalten, Bergh, Borculo, Dinxperlo, Doetinchem, Eibergen, Gendringen, Groenlo, Hengelo, Huis Bergh, Hummelo en Keppel, Lichtenvoorde, Neede, Ruurlo, Steenderen, Winterswijk, Wisch & Zelhem. A lot of data is being centralised in Doetinchem. Detailed information on the archives, the data they keep and the opening hours.

Gelderland in Beeld

The digitised image collected of the Bibliotheek Gelderland includes more than 60.000 postcards, photos and maps.

Oudheidkundige Werkgemeenschap A.D.W.

A workgroup that does historical and genealogical research in and around Aalten, Dinxperlo and Wisch.

Overzicht van regionale bestanden en bevolkingsreconstructies in Nederland.

Overview of offline regional data files and family reconstructions.

Registers van naamsaanneming

Register of name assumption.

Doopregisters Amsterdam 1716 - 1881

Baptism Registers for Amsterdam 1716 - 1881.

Hengelo: Historie: Genealogie

Genealogical databases Hengelo, Gelderland, complete with scans.

Oudheidkundige Vereniging Salemhem

The Oudheidkundige Vereniging Salemhem is the archeological society for Zelhem.


Volkstellingen provides access to Dutch censuses, from 1795 to 1971.

family notices and mortuary cards

Familieberichten Online

Familieberichten Online is an online index of family notices for all major Dutch newspapers, contributed by many volunteers. Includes mortuary cards, birth cards and death notifications in addition to birth, death and marriages notices.

You can be alerted to new family notices by subscribing to the free GeneAlert service.

Familieberichten Online was started by Mark Hollants, who hosted it for many years on Increasing site traffic and a busy schedule forced him to discontinue the service in late 2006, but all data has been handed over to Kees Klootwijk, and the service restarted on 2007 Jul 1, and is online again at

Familiberichten Gorinchem, Land van Heusden en Altena sinds 2002-01-01

Family notices from Gorinchem en Het Land van Heusden en Altena, collected by Joop Kuijntjes from newspapers Altena Nieuws, Weekblad voor het Land van Heusden en Altena, De Toren, Nieuwsblad, het Land van Altena & De Stad Gorinchem.

De Gelderlander - Archief overlijdensberichten sinds 2000

Archive of death notices from De Gelderlander since 2000.

Bidprent Informatie System

Bidprent Informatie System is an online index of mortuary cards for collectors.


A collection of photos and indexes to cemeteries in the Netherlands, totalling more than half a million records, graftombe, supported by many volunteers, maintained by Willem Hovinga. by Eric van der Ent provides indexes for the cemeteries in Baarn.

Dood in Nederland

Dood in Nederlands by Stichting Dodenakkers (Death Field Foundation) does not provide indexes, but a variety of general information about cemeteries, war monuments and famous graves in in the Netherlands.

migration, passenger lists

Castle Garden

Immigration records of Castle Garden, America's first immigration centre (1830 0 1892).

American Family Immigration History Centre

Immigration records of Ellis Island and several others places.

Erica's passagierslijsten

Ship passengers between the Netherlands and the Dutch Indies between 1920 and 1929.

De Aankomst: Molukkers in Nederland

Data about the 12.500 first generation immigrants, many of the men in these families second-generation soldiers in the Koninklijke Nederlands-Indische Leger (the Royal Dutch-Indonesian Army), from Indonesia to the Netherlands.

family notices, newspapers

Familieberichten De Telegraaf

Family notices from the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, since 1999, collected by Daan van Eunen

Familieberichten Noord-Holland

Family notices from the Dutch newspaper Noord-Hollandsdagblad voor de Zaanstreek en Waterland, since 1999, collected by Willie de Ligt-Wester

Familieberichten Den Helder

Family notices from an unidentified regional Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, since 2003, collected by Olaf Nijhuis

Landelijke Krantenarchief Databank

Which archives keep copies of which old newspapers?

De Groene Amsterdammer Historisch Archief

Historical archive of the Amsterdam newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer, from 1877 - 1940.

NRC Handelsblad geboorteregister

On-line birth register of the Dutch national newspaper NRC Handelsblnd offers all birth notices since 2004 March 20.

De Tijding

On-line death announcements, obituaries and condolence register, a commercial service of VZ-PubliPage. Advertisements remain on-line for a year. Searches, condolences and basic announcements are free.

former Dutch colonies

Vrij in Suriname

Databases with individual and family information on freed slaves in Suriname.

Genealogiese Instituut van Suid-Afrika

Genealogical Institute of South Africa (GISA).

Genealogiese Genootskap van Suid Afrika

The Genealogical Society of South Africa (GENSA).

The Holland Society of New York

Historical Society founded in 1885.

New Netherlands Projects

A project by The Holland Society of New York and the New York State Library to transcribe and translate all early Dutch documents in New York repositories.

Jansen's Indisch Repertorium

Repertorium of names appearing in publications about the Dutch Indies, published on-line by the Indische Genealogische Vereniging.

some British links


A searchable database of more than 56 million deceased Britons provided by the Federation of Family History Societies. Searching is free but slow. Access to the actual records requires payment.

British Surname

A freely searchable database that shows statistics and geographical distribution.

some Belgium links

Database Akten West-Vlaanderen

A searchable index on church baptism, and civil Death, Marriage and Burial registers of West-Vlaanderen (West Flanders) by the National Archives in Brugge and Kortrijk. Site available in Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish.

some German links

Werkgroep Genealogisch Onderzoek Duitsland

The Werkgroep Genealogisch Onderzoek Duitsland is a Dutch working group for research into German ancestry.

The navigation menu requires JavaScript to be enabled.

Overkwartier van Gelre

The Vereniging voor historisch- genealogisch onderzoek / Verein für historisch-genealogische Forschung is focused on genealogical and historical research in region that used be known as the Overkwartier van Gelre, which includes not just the Dutch province of Gelderland, but parts of Germany too.

Genealogie Netz

The Verein für Computergenealogie is the German genealogical society.

Westdeutschen Gesellschaft für Familienkunde

The West-German genealogical society.

some American Links

Holland, USA

Project Holland, USA by journalist Anne Wesseling and Abram Donkers was a coast-to-coast drive drive through America in 1996, searching for Dutch influences on American society. They found 28 places called Holland. Their experiences were published as Holland, USA (ISBN 90 5226 561 5, published in 1997 by De Geus), subtitled in het spoor van Nederlandse kolonisten (on the trail of Dutch colonists). This Dutch book includes impressions of all 28 towns called Holland.

phone numbers

KPN Telefoongids

KPN phone listings.

Nationale Telefoongids

Nationale phone listings, by the Yellow Pages.

Yet another one, used to be known as

Das Telefonbuch

The German phone guide.

Adresboek van Antwerpen, 1877-1878

The phone guide for Antwerp, Belgium, 1877/1878.

Dutch genealogical portals

Senioren Net Belgium: Stamboom onderzoek

Belgian genealogy portal.

Familienamen Begint Hier

A Dutch genealogy portal.

Familienamen Verzamelgids

A Dutch genealogy portal.

A Dutch genealogy portal.


A Dutch genealogy portal.


A Dutch genealogy portal. genealogie

A Dutch genealogy portal.


A Dutch genealogy portal, a.k.a. GenSurf.

genealogie startpagina

A Dutch genealogy portal.

Zoek en Start: Genealogie

A Dutch genealogy portal.

Genealogie Goed Begin

A Dutch genealogy portal.